Thank you for visiting Chopsticks and Paper! My name is Erica, and I started this blog to talk about my interests in food, and the discussion of food in different written materials including cookbooks, magazines, books, comics, and other sources.

I have quite a huge collection of books (cooking, comic/manga, and otherwise). Most of my cookbooks are in English or Japanese. So many of the recipes featured will focus on Japanese cuisine, and other asian cuisines.

My favorite cooking magazines are Kyou no Ryouri, and Kyou no Ryouri Beginners. These are two Japanese cooking magazines that are published by NHK. You can find these magazines on some websites or in Japanese bookstores. Since they’re so hard to find (and they’re in Japanese!) I’ll try to write about them when I can.

The recipes featured in most cases will serve one or two people, and will focus on cooking for either single income no kids or dual income no kid lifestyles. I do a lot of cooking and eating alone. I want to remove the somewhat negative image of eating (and drinking) alone, and instead celebrate how one can have very fulfilling experiences.



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