Cherry Bombe Magazine



Issues 4, 5, 6

Occasionally for lunch I go to this  French café not too far away. When I enter the café, the first thing you’re greeted with is a display of a variety of magazines and newspapers; in English and French. The first time I saw Cherry Bombe was on the display in the café; however I passed it by, not really paying attention.

Issue 3 was the first time the magazine sparked my interest. On the cover (left) was culinary badass and Top Chef winner Kristen Kish. But would you believe that I still didn’t buy the issue? I was kind of an idiot. The next time I went to the café, the issue was gone! But I wasn’t all that disappointed, the next issue featured another favorite chef of mine, Christina Tosi.

When I finally committed to buying Cherry Bombe, I was completely drawn in. After buying issue 5, I knew I had to search for the previous issue, with Kristen Kish. Why was I suddenly sucked in?

The focus of Cherry Bombe is women. Mainly women in the food scene, with a sprinkle of fashion mixed in. Featured in the magazine are articles, interviews, and some recipes. It’s like Lucky Peach, except without the bros. There’s even mini-games; the last page of issue 6 has a drinking game for Chopped (you probably shouldn’t play on a weeknight unless you want a hangover in the morning). Issue 6 also features an interview with another great chef, Dominique Crenn. Featured within her interview is a teaser of her book, Metamorphosis of Taste; the recipe for “The Sea”, one of the most beautiful constructions of seafood I’ve ever seen (that’s a horrible description, it does not justify the beauty of her creations).

You can purchase Cherry Bombe online, or find it at one of their stockists. It’s not easy to find, which is very unfortunate. Please support this great magazine so it can become more popular! Cherry Bombe also has a podcast, which features interviews with chefs, and others in the food scene. You can check out their podcasts on Heritage Radio Network.

Also, if anyone is looking to offload their issue 1 of Cherry Bombe, let me know!


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