Môko Tanmen Nakamoto Ramen : Shinjuku

Ever since finding this ramen joint, I make a trip every time I go to Japan. This year I didn’t think I was going to go, but who am I kidding. I can’t pass up the heat. I’m talking body throbbing because its so spicy type of heat. Unfortunately for me, my body is starting to get older. After eating at Nakamoto this go around, I wanted to cry like a child.


If you’re coming for some good food photography, you’ll be disappointed.

First of all, if you are trying to find this joint, I thought i’d provide some direction.


To get there, go to Shinjuku. Once you get to Shinjuku, find the West Entrance. You’ll know that you exited the right entrance when you walk out. If you don’t see a giant Uniqlo sign on a building outside, you’re in the wrong location. Cross the street and turn right. You’re going to keep walking until you see a Tully’s coffee. Go past the Tully’s coffee shop, looking for a short stairwell. Above is an image of the storefront. Note! The location in Shinjuku is not the only location! On the official website you can find other locations.

Here is a link to the menu page of the official website. Their spicy scale ranges from 0-10. I got the spicy miso ramen with egg, that one was an 8 on the spice scale. I think its really hard to gauge a spice scale as everyone has different tolerances. However, if you can eat a habanero (plain) and not die in pain, but feel your head throbbing, you can handle an 8. If it’s not spicy enough for you, well you can at least add more chili as there are jars of chili pepper flakes at each seat. Thats what I always do. Thus the feeling like death afterward.

This ramen is really really spicy, but it’s not just spicy but flavorful too. I love spicy miso ramen, its one of my favorite foods in existence, and this delivers. In addition to all the heat, is miso, and garlic flavor. Because of the miso, the broth is also a little thick (but not like puree thick). Tons of slivers of garlic, bean sprouts, and other toppings as well.

If you can’t speak Japanese, well you’re in luck as you purchase your tickets from a vending machine as you walk in. So as long as you can remember what you want to order on the menu, then you can punch the button and give your ticket to one of the waiters. Additionally, each item on the vending machine has how hot it is, so if you’re just going for the sake of spicy food, then you can just order by the number written next to the item.



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