Angry Kimchi

Angry is probably not the best way to describe my mood when making kimchi today. It is probably more like “going through jet lag, got out of bed at 430 AM and had nothing to do so I need to kill some time” kimchi.

I had been in Japan since mid-December up until Saturday. So my schedule is out of whack from flying back and from the time change. Sunday was actually not too bad, went to bed on Saturday at a decent time, woke up on Sunday at a decent time. Inspired by my trip, and by eating at restaurants for almost three weeks, I decided to hit up the grocery store to buy supplies to make lunch and dinner this week. I ended up buying the wrong type of cabbage for a recipe. Since I didn’t want the cabbage to go bad, I figure it would be perfect for making kimchi. Since I needed to kill an hour of time I thought that it would be a great idea to at least start making the kimchi at 530 AM.

After almost cutting off a finger due to exhaustion from lack of sleep 12 hours later, maybe it wasn’t such of a great f**king idea. I also almost set myself on fire when I took a break to make dinner. So maybe not angry, but sleep-deprived kimchi just sounds…well not good. Besides, I took my feelings out on the kimchi.

The recipe I used was the Mak Kimchi recipe from The Kimchi Cookbook by Lauryn Chun. I’ve been really impressed with this cookbook so far; the recipes are easy to follow and the results have been pretty delicious.

Below is a photo from when I was mixing the kimchi paste together with the cabbage. Now I let it sit for three days and make the whole entire house smell.


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